Introducing Sonorasaurus Rex

March 24, 2010

After two months of development, Sonorasaurus Rex (Sonorasaurus for the iPad) is almost ready for public eyes. Last week Apple began accepting iPad apps, and since then we've been very busy trying to meet the deadline for the grand opening of the iPad App Store. Until Apple gives us a confirmation, we cannot be sure that Sonorasaurus Rex will be available on launch day, so no promises yet. There is also the issue of device testing, or the lack thereof. Two of the new features we included in Rex relies on the iPad's performance -- details Apple has not made public yet.

Let me introduce some of the new features we included in Rex.

Waveform display with highlighted beats

This is one of the things we couldn't include in the iPhone version due to limited performance. We hope the iPad is at least twice as fast as the iPhone. The waveform and highlighted beats make beatmatching a lot easier, but they are even better with some graphical feedback for detected beats.

AAC format support

The iPhone has certain limitations for playing more than one compressed sound file at a time. Whether or not we include AAC support in the final release depends on the iPad's sound capabilities.

BPM calculation by user input

In Rex, users can tap to the beat of a song for 30 seconds, and the app will calculate BPM for you. BPM is saved internally so you don't need to evaluate BPM every time you load a track. Pitch adjustment via the slider affects the base BPM; so if BPM are known, beat-matching is as simple as matching the numbers.

Those are the major features of Rex.

Rex naturally comes with a much more easier-to-use UI, made possible by iPad's huge screen real-estate. Look for more info in the near future at the Sonorasaurus blog.

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