May 05, 2011

Bubuya, located right in front of Yasaka shrine in Gion, Kyoto is a sort of tearoom lunch place where they serve picked vegetables and chazuke for ¥1580. A little pricey, but agreeably so, considering the location and quality of food. The pickled vegetables they serve here are extremely palatable -- perfectly fresh, crisp and fragrant bits of Kyoto vegetables. You don't often find great tsukemono where I live, but in Kyoto, I find that they're almost invariably good.


The place also sells all of their tsukemono in sealed packages. They ship as well. Since the vegetables are only lightly pickled, they don't keep for very long -- most are only good for a week. Don't be alarmed by the foul smell exuding from the package; somehow they smell extremely bad in stale air.

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